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   HealthFabric Health Information system
      HL7, data extraction,
   HealthFabric eMR Health Information system
   Object-Logic An Intelligent Object-Oriented Windows Application development environment
      Visual modelling of processes for inter-relationships, links, data, process logics, and etc.
    Example: Power plant performance monitoring, Plant heat-rate performance modelling and analysis.

An intelligent Chinese Medicine Learning web site (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese )


A Learning Playground using SPA

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   HL7 Parser A Windows application that reads and parse the HL7 messages.
      HL7 Version 2.5
    HL7 Parser in Windows Form for inspecting and creating HL7 messages
    Integratable Libraries
    HL7 Database
    HL7 ORM .Net Class Generation
   RxNorm API A Silverlight application of RxNorm API for drug information interoperability.
     * Microsoft Silverlight required. (automatically)