Optimizing Healthcare


DF8 Health is an innovative provider of a healthcare information computing platform that helps organizations realize their Health Information Exchange (HIE) intiatives, increase quality of care and improve operational efficiency.  The HealthFabrictm suite of applications enable healthcare organizations to securely share medical information and perform analytics on longitudinal sets of data.  The platform can be hosted locally within the healthsystem or within the Cloud with the utmost stringent security policies.

Mission Statement

Goals for the HealthFabrictm platform:

  • aggregation of data across patient populations.

  • integration of knowledge for decision support

  • continuity of care over a patient's lifetime

  • communication within episodes of care

  • allow secure transmission of clinical information

  • facilitate the adoption of electronic standards, standardized terminologies, electronic transactions and submissions

  • reduce overall cost of existing information integration

  • accessible to all

Our Products

  • HealthFabrictm - a suite of software subsystems enabling secure interoperability and common data access of regionally disparate financial and clinical information systems.  The system is specifically designed to be hosted in the Cloud as a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) application or can be easily hosted within the customer's domain. 
  • DataFabric8tm - an Enterprise Data Fabric (EDF) that is a distributed, operational data platform that sits between application infrastructures (such as J2EE or.NET Framework) and back-end HL7 data; it is a secure and standards-based respository for electronic submission of data and documents; a highly efficient, compact and scalable SQLServer implementation of the HL7 standard.  In conjunction with the XParser, HL7 messages and all its data types are processed directly into the database.  This creates an instant central data repository for all clinical and financial data.  WeaveTemplate tools provide reviews, reporting and analysis of the data in real-time.
  • XParser- a super fast, easy-to-use C# .NET HL7 parser library.  It can parse a single HL7 message or a batch of messages per unit of work.  A delegate function allows parsing customization or behavior.
  • SmartIE - scalable integration engine
  • Enhanced Results Reporting
  • ObjectLogic
  • Common Registration
  • Census Manager
  • Common Order Management
  • Common Terminology Service


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  • AMIA Annual Symposium 2012 Washington, DC November 13-17, 2012