Optimizing Healthcare


df8health is an innovative provider of a healthcare information computing platform that helps organizations realize their Health Information Exchange (HIE) initiatives, increase quality of care,  support CMS reporting, and improve overall operational efficiency.  The HealthFabrictm suite of applications enable healthcare organizations to securely share medical and financial information, perform analytics and publish reports on longitudinal sets of data in real-time.  The platform can be hosted locally within the health system or subscribed to Cloud services with the utmost stringent security policies.

Mission Statement

df8health is committed to fully integrating disparate source systems at the local, regional, state and national levels by adhering to published healthcare standards and to applying technical best practices for effective use of information technology as a key focal point for improving healthcare in terms of patient safety, quality outcomes, and economic efficiency.

Goals for the HealthFabrictm platform

  • aggregation of data across patient populations.

  • integration of knowledge for decision support

  • continuity of care over a patient's lifetime

  • communication within episodes of care

  • allow secure transmission of clinical information

  • facilitate the adoption of electronic standards, standardized terminologies, electronic transactions and submissions

  • reduce overall cost of existing information integration

  • accessible to all

Our Products

  • HealthFabrictm - a suite of software subsystems enabling secure interoperability and common data access of regionally disparate clinical and financial information systems.  The system is specifically designed to be hosted in the Cloud as a "Platform as a Service" (PaaS) application or can be easily hosted within the customer's domain.  At its core is an Enterprise Data Fabric (EDF) that is a distributed, operational data platform from which Virtual Health Record (VHR) applications can be derived.  It receives HL7 messages from source applications (such as HIS, Lab, EMR) and uniquely stores them as pure HL7 data types.  It is a secure, highly efficient, compact and scalable SQLServer implementation of the HL7 v2.5 standard.  All HL7 messages and corresponding data types are processed and persisted directly into the database.  This creates an instant central data repository for all clinical and financial data that are continuously synchronized. 
  • VirtualHealthRecord- a subsystem that works in conjunction with the HealthFabrictm infrastructure to create partitioned databases containing only data of interest.  These data sets can be used for real-time clinical decision support, care/case management and business intelligence/reporting. 


  • We are looking to partner with Healthsytems to further extend the HealthFabric platform.


  • AMIA Annual Symposium 2012 Washington, DC November 13-17, 2012

White Paper

  • HealthFabric: Solution for integrating hetergeneous systems and effectively using information technology as a key focal point for improving healthcare in terms of patient safety, quality outcomes, and economic efficiency.